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Accu-Weigh Scales

Glossary of Terms

About Legal For Trade (LFT) Scales
Have you ever been in the grocery store picking out veggies & noticed those scales they have - usually mechanical dial scales - that you can weigh your produce on?  You'll notice that they usually have a sticker that says something like: "These scales are for estimating - your selection will be weighed at the checkout line."  That's because those scales are not certified as "Legal For Trade."  LFT scales are simply scales that are certified as usable for a business which sells items by weight.  It doesn't necessarily mean that LFT or non LFT scales are different quality.  However, if you are buying scales to use in a business in which you are wanting to sell items by weight, you should be compliant with government agencies and use LFT certified scales. 
The National Type Evaluation Program in association with the National Conference on Weights and Measures has certified certain scale models as approved for selling products by weight.  Models which show pounds and ounces or kilograms and grams together (any units combined together in the same display) cannot be LFT certified - all pounds can be LFT, all ounces can be LFT, all kilograms can be LFT or grams can be LFT.

When you order a LFT Scale, each model is calibrated at the factory.  But, because of the specific environmental factors of your area, you need to contact the Weights & Measures Bureau in your area for the LFT to take effect.

About NSF Scales
NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company, has been serving the world community for more than 50 years in the fields of standards development, product certification and registration and educational services for public health and safety.  The NSF Mark has become an international symbol for quality assurance and is respected by health officials worldwide.  NSF is accredited by ANSI and OSHA in the United States, and by the SCC in Canada.  NSF certification of the Accu-weigh Universal Dial Scales assures you of acceptance of the scales by your state health officials.

About Washdown Scales
Washdown scales are more water resistant than non washdown models.  Washdown scales cannot be immersed but may be washed off with care. They are IP65 and NEMA 4X compliant.

Foot Switch Tare Device
Comes in very handy when hands are full or messy.  Works the same as the tare button on the scale.

A tare device sets the scale to account for the "tare" item (a container, such as a bowl). So, for example, if you want to weigh something that has to be in a bowl, but you don't want to include the weight of the bowl, simply put the empty bowl on the scale, press the tare switch and the scale is ready to weigh.  When you put the "stuff" in the bowl, the scale won't include the bowl weight.

Air Dashpot
Acts as a shock absorber in the scale - so when a load is put on the scale, it doesn't "bounce" up and down so much.
Air Dashpot must be ordered with scale and must be installed at factory.

Table Mount
Special plastic base addition attaches to scale at the base to widen the base of the scale for increased stability.


We are busy building an entirely new website.  It will be up soon.  In the meantime, to order any item on this site, please call us 281-464-7004

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